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Kick Rocks and Suckerpunch: A Look at Supergroups

On Friday, June 14th, Kick Rocks played at the Blockley in Philadelphia. Just eight days later, on Saturday, June 22nd, Suckerpunch played at the same place. Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal or particularly noteworthy for two popular bands to play at the same venue, but the fact that Kick Rocks and Suckerpunch are both supergroups with members from the same bands makes this case a little more interesting. Why do supergroups exist?

Kick Rocks Kick Out the Jams on a Boat

While the dancers raged relentlessly on the lower deck, many availed themselves of the top deck’s various amenities, mainly pristine views of Lady Liberty and soothing breezes with just a hint of ocean air. As the sun set over a picture perfect eve, the band wrapped up a succinct high energy set and Mr. Bonkerz took over, sprinkling nu-disco numbers with genre favorites from the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Holy Ghost! Starting with Mike Greenfield on drums, the main act infiltrated the stage, blending nearly unnoticed with dusky disco.