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Libyan Government Threatens to Sink North Korean Ship

Here’s a developing story about revolution, rogue nations, geopolitics, and that stuff we all just can’t get enough of – Oil. The Libyan prime minister on Saturday issued a warning to the North Korean-flagged...

Seven Continents: World News Roundup

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last week or so, Sensible Reason has a little crash course on some interesting things that have been going on across the globe, including bombings, births, same-sex brides, and enormous icequakes.

The Curious Case of North Korea

North Korea has been in the news a lot recently, and that’s good for me, because I’m fascinated by the backwards, communist, dictator-run country. It’s not so great for many of the world’s diplomats though, as they must deal with the steady barrage of threats fired by a seemingly loose cannon.