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SR Track of the Day: Kipod – Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom is back with some of their most daring music to date. Die-hard fans of IM’s earlier work will almost definitely be won over by this fearless return to their roots. “Kipod” is...

SR Track of the Day: The Storm – Radioactive Sandwich

Rising psy-trance duo Radioactive Sandwich released their new album Survival, another chapter in this act’s impressive history of invoking heavily detailed soundscapes, soaring melodies, and psychedelic canvases of warm, beautiful artistry. Slightly reminiscent of notable artists...

Raja Ram Gets Lost in Sound

Just a few weeks ago, Shpongle played a show in the Israeli desert known as the Negev. Thanks to Lost in Sound, Sensible Reason was fortunate enough to talk with Godfather of Psy Trance himself, Raja Ram, and ask some follow-up questions about playing in Israel, his favorite musicians and more.