The Knife at the Fillmore Denver

“I Am Alive, and I’m Not Afraid to Die”

It was Easter Monday in Denver, but it didn’t stop 2,000 music fans from coming out to support The Knife at the Fillmore on April 21st. If you’ve got the opportunity to see this tour, do not come late. You’d be doing yourself a disservice by missing the bearded and glittered spandex-gypsy-hype-man who got the crowd going before the show. Chanting the quote above with a thousand other fans was a magical feeling. You should say it out loud right now. Seriously, you’ll feel good. The rest of his setlist was mostly aerobics, yelling out mantras at the top of your lungs, and reaching out and touching the people around you. By the end, everyone is smiling and sweating and met a new friend or two. The show started immediately after.

And that’s what the crowd got that night, a show. There were at least ten people on stage, all dressed identically, all playing instruments, all participating in intricately devised dance numbers. Siblings Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer were among the dancers, but not dressed any differently or doing anything to separate themselves from the rest of the performers. The dancers all sang (though sometimes into microphones which aren’t producing sound) and played instruments. As each of them took a center stage at some point, becoming the face of the performance, I finally realized what Shaking the Habitual means: change, politics, overcoming the status-quo. This is the theme of not only the album, but the tour and the whole experience of the performance.

As they launched into “We Share Our Mothers Health” they began displaying some strange instruments. A tabletop base played with a bow (photo above), then something resembling a clarinet was brought out for a solo. Half way through the show, the music stopped and one of the females said, “I want a body with 2 dicks, 3 pouches and 5 holes” into the microphone. It’s the beginning of a poem, though through all my Googling today I can’t figure out who the poet is.

Things got a little gender-sexy as two sets of same-sex couples mimed kisses on stage, then got the crowd bumping for “Silent Shout” and “Full of Fire,” but only an hour after the performance begins, it’s over.

An hour long DJ Party started immediately, playing Swedish pop music with the house lights up. Soon after, I headed over to Sancho’s Broken Arrow across the street. “It’s like losing your virginity. You need to be there live,” says Lauren, who I run into there. A few other fans were upset that they didn’t play “Heartbeats,” but we all decided that The Knife are not types to do anything predicable.

See The Knife on Tour – Tickets

04-23 Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
04-25 Toronto, Ontario – Kool Haus
04-26 Montreal, Quebec – Metropolis
04-28 Boston, MA – House of Blues
04-30 New York, NY – Terminal 5
05-01 New York, NY – Terminal 5 (new!)

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