The Many Environments of Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle in Bradley, California takes place over Memorial Day weekend, and the weekend will be packed with an infinite amount of fun, dancing, learning, and multiple different interactive environments just as always. While the main stages at Lightning in a Bottle get much of the glory, the festival also features micro-environments that feature their own music schedules, activities, and performances. Frontierville, The Mission Stage, Boss Whispers’ General Store & Trading Post, Skinny DeVille’s Bar, and The Poison Oak Hotel are all spaces within the Grand Artique, one of LiB’s most popular micro-environments, which offer a myriad of activities for daytime fun or late-night ruckus. The Mission Stage within the Grand Artique will feature music from artists such as Pimps of Joytime, Dirtwire, VKCE, and more.


The Grand Artique is not the only place to wander off to when you’re at Lightning in a Bottle. Another place you might find yourself is the Jive Joint which supplies festival attendees with soulful jams which aim to replicate the vibes of one of the most iconic places in the south, the French Quarter. Super Tall Paul will be producing the curated sounds of the Jive Joint and people can expect to experience a truly unique experience within this small but lively environment.

Don’t forget to stop by Amori’s Casino & Burlesque if you’re in the mood to catch a show. With an atmosphere full of sexy and sensual experiences, Amori’s features burlesque and cabaret performances, games, live music, and other mischievous shenanigans that will titillate you and your friends. Let the sultry mood lighting of Amori’s lure you into their lair and enjoy this unique environment full of the va-va-voom that you’ve been craving. The atmosphere of Amori’s is seldom found at other festivals so stopping by isn’t an option, it is a necessity.

Oh, and we’re not finished just yet. Do you ever get tired of packing the same ol’ festival snacks and foods for your journeys? Sometimes an apple and peanut butter or avocados and bread just don’t cut it. Sometimes your body needs a little bit more sustenance than that. Lucky for you, Lightning in a Bottle is offering tickets to multiple pop-up dinners at some of these interactive locations which means that you can treat yourself to a healthy, hardy meal during your time at the festival. Dinners will be hosted at Amori’s Casino & Burlesque, Giggle Juice Cafe, and The Last Supper Club. Make sure you pick up a ticket or two to these dinners as they offer a complete experience which includes entertainment and are likely to sell out.

What are you waiting for? Lightning in a Bottle is awaiting your presence and you don’t want to disappoint the good people at Do Lab, do you? Buy your tickets and get ready to experience the best Memorial Day weekend of your existence. Car camping and RV camping passes have already sold out and general festival tickets are going fast as well. Last year this transformational festival sold out so don’t miss your opportunity to experience one of California’s most talked about festivals. You won’t regret it, just Do Lab!

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