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Tom Woodward Channels Indie Vibes with “Beautiful Shadows”

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Indie music can take a plethora of complexions. Winding between the world of electronic dream pop and melancholy-tinged alternative rock, Tom Woodward has what it takes to stand out in your memory. Smooth instrumentation and musicianship is the calling card of this indie folk artist. Hailing from Tura Beach in Australia, Tom Woodward joins the long line of talented Aussies who are making huge gains in North America. Woodward’s latest album Beautiful Shadows is a testament to his development as a musician.

Beautiful Shadows was written on buses, underneath trees, in spare rooms, and on wintry park benches. It features the majestic production of Yen Nguyen, and was recorded over several sessions in Melbourne and Sydney. Some of Australia’s finest — and no-doubt sexiest — musicians grace these tunes, including Munro Melano, Sean Hamilton, Chris Hancock, Yen Nguyen and the indefatigable iconoclast, Hubert Von Kunt.

Tom Woodward is a nomadic Australian musician in the lo-fi DIY poet vein. He has been writing songs and performing them in bars, on street corners and in music halls since the early 2000s. In mid-2014, he became pathologically convinced that he only had six months to live. Thus ensued a song-writing binge which led to most of the songs off his Beautiful Shadows album. He then booked a flight to America where he embraced all his fears and passions, and to his amazement, was still alive in mid-2015.

He has plans to tour in Australia, Japan, North America, and Europe in late 2017. He prefers the company of animals to human beings and finds performing an almost-traumatic experience, but also admits that it beats honest labor, and “you gotta do what you gotta do.” There is a sense of certainty and assurance within Woodward’s music that makes him stand out as a unique and well-rounded artist.

Connect with Tom Woodward on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

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