The Journey to Tomorrow: Tomorrowland’s 10th Anniversary

Tomorrowland‘s 10th anniversary will be celebrated this July in its homeland of Boom, Belgium. If you’re looking for a generic, run of the mill, just there to exist type festival – get your ass out of here, because Tomorrowland is bringing its a-game this year for its biggest birthday yet!


Now the leading electronic dance music festival in the entire world, Tomorrowland’s preparation leading up to the big hoorah has been phenomenal in every way. This year, they needed two weekends just to fit all the partying they’ve culminated for the population of festival-goers traveling from all nooks and crannies of the globe for this one event. Weekend one will span from July 18th – 20th, and the second weekend begins immediately on July 25th and ends the journey on the 27th.


As more details of the event slowly come to life, Tomorrowland reaches out to its fans in ways no other festival has ever attempted. Sure, win free tickets here and there – but what other festival has ever created the golden ticket: entry to Tomorrowland for life? How many festivals have you heard of have a Tomorrowland bridge in dedication to their fans, constructed with messages from across the world? Name one festival that has a hymn composed by a critically acclaimed film composer such as Hans Zimmer? There is absolutely no comparison to the amount of awe inspired by this festivity. It not only entertains, but it also puts emphasis on the journey to tomorrow.

Tomorrowland__1_This festival of Tomorrowland is the lovechild of the hippie generation’s wanderlust and the enchantment of Alice’s Wonderland. There is just nothing like it. Tomorrowland has truly set itself apart from other festivals by creating a magical getaway world where the fulfillment of wonder unites all its guests of tomorrow into one community, ensured to share lifetime memories through the sounds of our beloved dance music.


 Listen to & learn more about Hans Zimmer’s hymn below, composed for Tomorrowland’s 10th anniversary.

“Yesterday is history. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is a mystery.”

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