TomorrowWorld: First wave artists announced, tickets still available

TomorrowWorld is a festival that has the whole world buzzing, thanks to it’s Belgian sister festival Tomorowland which has already made it to the top of the world festival circuit. If you’ve been following our coverage of the festival, you already know the history of TomorrowWorld, details on TomorrowWorld, and that the Dreamville option is a must-have. But now that tickets have been on sale for a week, more information has been unveiled and the amazing news is tickets are still available.

First off, the festival has announced a preliminary daily lineup from September 27 – 29, 2013 near Atlanta in Chattahoochee Hills, GA, USA:

On their website, TomorrowWorld posted a special announcement that Steve Aoki will be performing along with a video of Part 1 of his set at Tomorrowland in Belgium, which gives you an idea of the kind of production quality to expect:

The site also posted a video of R3hab announcing that he will be performing at TomorrowWorld this year:


As well as this dramatic Q-Dance announcement:

Several stages have also been announced on their website and via email:

TomorrowWorld will celebrate Trap music in its hometown of Atlanta with artists like ƱZ, Bro Safari, Mimosa, Mayhem, Heroes x Villains, Luminox, Two Fresh, DJ Green Lantern, Brillz, gLAdiator, LOUDPVCK and a special surprise headliner! (

It’s a Trap:
ƱZ, Bro Safari, Mimosa, Mayhem, Heroes and Villains, Luminox, Two Fresh,
DJ Green Lantern, Brillz, gLAdiator, LOUDPVCK & special surprise headliner.

BT, Simon Patterson, Orjan Nilsen, tyDi, Late Night Alumni, Jaytech and many more

All Your Bass Are Belong To Us:
Excision, Rusko, Gramatik, Zomboy, Delta Heavy, FIGURE, Savoy, Grandtheft,
NiT GriT, and Sound Remedy

Zatox, Frontliner, Ran-D, Coone, Brennan Heart, Psyko Punkz and many more
(via email)

More info on the lineup will be released in June. You can expect another 100 artists to be on the bill as well as more info on stages! One of the biggest highlights to TomorrowWorld/Tomorrowland is definitely the production value: expect to see many elaborately decorated stages, including small, unique stages.

Even though Tomorrowland’s tickets sold out in a record 30 minutes, fortunately TomorrowWorld tickets are still on sale to the global public. You need to pre-register before buying tickets to prove that you are over 21+ and that you are not a ticket buying robot. Tickets are not resell-able: they must be registered to your name– they will be checking IDs as you enter and matching them to your ticket. If you can no longer go, you can try and sell your ticket through the festival’s official waiting list. Do not buy a ticket anywhere besides the official TomorrowWorld website! If you do, you will not be able to enter the festival as the name of the purchaser will not be the same as yours. Here is exactly what the festival says on that:

Tickets cannot be cancelled. All purchases are final.

If you no longer wish to use your ticket or can’t use it anymore, you can register your ticket at the online exchange desk (available from May 2013). If other people are looking for the type of ticket you wish to sell, we can refund the cost of the ticket. If there is no demand for your ticket, we will not refund you the money.

This is an amazing feature because it prevents people from reselling their tickets at exorbitantly high prices as well as from scalping bots buying up all of the tickets and reselling them. As far as I am aware, this is unique to this festival and I am interested to see how well it plays out during the festival weekend. If it works out, I think that this could seriously be a new method for future festivals to control the flow of tickets and ensure that real people are buying tickets to actually attend the festival. Tickets are available here.

Stay tuned for more details!


Kristen Grennan

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