My Top 5 X Games Austin Moments [In Photos]

The 2014 X Games Austin were full of spectacular sights, music, sports, and everything in between! Here is a list of my top 5 favorite moments of the 2014 X Games – enjoy!

5. X Games Opening Night Feat. Tony Hawk and Friends:

X Games SR-34The X Games kicked off the festivities with ‘Tony Hawk and Friends demo’ taking over the downtown Austin vert ramp – located right in front of the Texas capitol. Tony, along with his friends, showed off their impressive skills and stunts to thousands of super excited fans both in person and for those watching from home.

4. Kanye West’s Performance:

X Games SR-59Kanye West performed on Saturday night to thousands of fans anxiously awaiting one of the biggest names in hip-hop. Although he couldn’t quite decide if he wanted the photographers snapping photos of him, at the last moment we were allowed non-pit access. While he had his studded mask on most of the time, we are pretty certain it was actually Kanye under there.

3. MLG’s First Time at the X Games:

X Games SR-30For the first time, the leaders in eSports, Major League Gaming (MLG) held competitions at the X Games. The top five Call of Duty®: Ghosts teams faced off for X Games gold medals. It was an awesome dynamic to add to the X Games, and fans loved it.

2. Nyjah Huston Winning the Monster Energy Men’s Skateboard Street Final

X Games SR-88Huston won the final with the highest score ever posted in an X Games Skateboard Street Final! This was his sixth career Skateboard Street win, which makes him the street skater with the most X Games gold medals – quite an impressive feat!

1. The Flaming Lips closing out the 2014 Austin X Games:

X Games SR-112The Flaming Lips were a perfect, wacky, awesome, trippy way to conclude the 2014 Austin X Games. The music was great and the audience was loving it. The bright colors, the costumes, the confetti – it was all spot on. I couldn’t think of a better way to end the summer games then with an amazing, high energy concert by the Flaming Lips!

Stay tuned for more photos and reviews of the 2014 X Games Austin!

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