TOTD: Carl Broemel – “In The Dark”

Sometimes it’s nice to take a pause from the upbeat pop sounds and simply reflect. Guitarist and back-up vocalist for American rock band My Morning Jacket, Carl Broemel offers a humble selection from his upcoming album, 4th of July (released August 19th), the musician’s first album in several years. Following the chilled out “Sleepy Lagoon,” “In The Dark” follows a similar approach; our folksy track of the day is quite reflective. As Stereogum premiered the the track, Carl noted that the inspiration came from wondering about what people do when they get home from busy days and whatnot.

What’s to be expected of guitarist’s upcoming solo album? In an interview with Baebel Music, Carl made mention of the album’s overall sound being mellow and relaxing, the ten minute title track being the loudest. Though I’m still unfamiliar with the musician, I appreciate his latest offerings. From melancholic sounds to raucous tunes, Broemel delivers expertly.

4th of July will be released next month, August 18th. Head over to his official website to see digital retailers as well as pre-order an exclusive autographed vinyl from his store. Hop on over to Carl’s SoundCloud to see a few more songs from 4th of July and check out his tour dates below!

Tour Dates

8/19 – Nashville, TN (Grimey’s In Store)
8/20 – Nashville, TN (
8/21 – Louisville, KY (
10/6 – Lexington, KY (
10/7 – Asheville, NC (
10/8 – Charlotte, NC (
10/10 – Athens, GA (
10/12 – Decatur, GA (
10/13 – Birmingham, AL (
10/14 – New Orleans, LA (
10/15 – Oxford, MS (

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