Track of the Day: “Death Magic” – RBTS WIN (Blue Sky Black Death Remix)

I stumbled across RBTS WIN (Robots Win) at Gratifly this summer. Three guys came to the front of the stage with a collection of synths and instruments, they looked a little rag tag and honestly I think the whole crowd was just waiting for the next few acts. But then they started playing, they whisked us away from our impatience and enchanted us all. Since then I’ve kept an eye out for RBTS WIN, because I think sooner or later they will enchant a much, much larger audience.

One track that really gets me is “Death Magic” remixed by Blue Sky Black Death, cleverly deemed as ‘astral hip hop’ on SoundCloud. This track is a fantastic marriage between RBTS WIN’s very distinct electronic-meets-singer-songwriter/rock vibe with BLBD’s dreamy, highly cinematic soundscapes. There is a beautiful balance of crisp acoustic tones and broad synth chords with Brien Worsham’s eerie lyrics, “I’ve been screaming in my head, don’t die just try to be alive”. They repeat over and over like a mantra luring the listener into the rich sounds that accompany it.

RBTS WIN has released one full length album entitled Palm Sunday which features the original version of “Death Magic”, as well as several remixes and single tracks on SoundCloud.

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