Trance Arena Concert Series Interview ft. Mario Florek

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Chicago is a city filled with culture and history, and music has been a fundamental part of what makes the city so special. Trance music has a huge following around the world, but in the past few years, the Trance squad in Chicago has banned together. The huge support for this genre has brought some amazing artists from around the globe and birthed a few superstars itself. One of the city’s favorite trance artists, and co-founder of the Chicago Trance Family, Mario Florek, answered a few questions for us regarding the Trance community in the city and its latest concert series Trance Arena.

Sensible Reason: What is the Chicago Trance Family (CTF)?

Mario Florek: It’s a community of people (friends and fans) all around the Chicago area who love and appreciate trance music, as well as other electronic dance music, but trance music is the closest to their “heart.” For us, it doesn’t matter what BPM or sub-genre it is: progressive, uplifting, psy; we are still one united Trance Family.

SR: How did CTF get started and what is its purpose/role in Chicago’s music community? 

M: In 2014 I came in with the idea of making one official Chicago Trance Family group and bringing our Trance Community into one place. I wanted to create one unified group, instead of having many groups of few people (members) in them that seek the same common objective. A few years earlier I created few different and specified “dedicated” groups to people, fans who for example like different things. Some of them were trance related like “Trance Shows In Chicago” “Vision Community” “Tranzit” or “Who Is Not Afraid of 138” just to name few and some of them were simply other music styles oriented. In the beginning, I asked the members of those particular groups if they would like to participate and be a part of a bigger project which I had in mind (Chicago Trance Family). It seemed that people liked that move and soon other trance related groups decided to join our CTF community. Finally, everything was in place and it became easier to share the information with people that have common interests. But the main thing is that it became easier for our fans to access all the information that they need and whatever they were looking at other social media channels. In our group, we share the latest information about the upcoming shows, ticket sales, free entry passwords, new daily music releases that are worth ur attention, community meet-ups and hang outs in and outside the clubs/events and even about trips to the shows outside the Windy City boundaries. We are like the actual real family of close friends, we support each other and we have one common goal “We love to party and to Trance up”


SR: What draws you to trance music? 

M: Well, my journey with trance music started a long time ago, way back in 1998. At that time trance was at its purest form, I think, and I simply felt in love with those inspirational messages behind each track. I still remember my first few tracks that ignited this passion and got me hooked on this genre. Tunes such as The Quest’s “C-Sharp” or Delerium’s “Silence” that included the magical “In Search Of Sunrise Mix” by Tiesto that took me as a listener on a trance journey. For many Trancers, Trance is not just music. For me and other people, a proper “trance” song tells a story and takes you as a listener on a journey through different hypnotic rhythms and sounds.

SR: In your opinion, what sets trance music apart from other electronic music genres? 

M: Technically speaking Trance is a genre of electronic dance music and in these days it’s a combination of many styles of dance music, but what really sets trance apart from other electronic music is its hypnotic structure that takes you on a journey. We see many Trancers during the Trance shows that simply close their eyes and let the Trance music take them into another world or as I should call it “Another state of consciousness.” Trance is nonstop – evolving and merging/mutating. I also like that today’s Trance takes its fans through different BPMs (beats per minute) and it’s not a slave of its own boundaries. Trance is not defined by BPM, but it typically ranges from the mid 120s up to the 160s. Simply, there is just so much more variety in this genre. Trance can feature a significant amount of synthesized sounds, like house and electro, but there are trance synths that are more melodic which give the listener that progressive state of trance.

SR: You’ve been in Chicago for a while, what keeps you in this particular city? 

M: I love this city. Chicago is my second home. This is where my DJ career started and this is the city where I met my wife. Also, where my American Dream started and where I met a lot of wonderful people, amazing friends, and fans from all over the world. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have so many wonderful memories that took my music and hobby above and beyond my expectations. I still would like to share a lot of those amazing experiences with them and take them on even more Trance journeys. Meanwhile, while I’m here I would like to thank all of my friends and fans for all the support throughout the past years. A very special thanks also goes to all the promoters and club managers in this industry that are making this dream live on with every booking that I get from them.

SR: What brought Trance Arena to Chicago? What makes Chicago the perfect place for this event? 

M: It seems that our city is always hungry for more trance events. We are blessed with four amazing trance events this month and all four will be amazing and unique in every way. Even though we have so many wonderful events, people will always want to see more trance acts. It’s like our community is nonstop expanding its boundaries and they want our promoters to bring more trance DJ’s to Chicago. Our community is even willing to travel to different cities to see their favorite DJs that they didn’t have a chance to see yet or simply because they like their music. I also like that our Chicago Trance Community it’s not only Midwest-oriented like it was when I was starting out. Now we have members from all over the world in our CTF group, that listen to trance music and support local trance events. We are growing as a group and more people want to be a part of our trance family. Thank you for everything and see you at the next event.

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