Transformation and Magic at Envision 2015 [Review]

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Envision is the dream of travelers, serious festival-goers, and music enthusiasts all in one. Located in Uvita, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Envision offers towering green palm trees, interactive bamboo structures built by talented teams, tropical weather, and a postcard-worthy beach that takes only minutes to walk to. Not only is the ground-breaking festival set in paradise, but it also makes great strides to be eco-conscious and friendly. Bring your own plates, cups, and utensils, because you won’t find those single-use items there. Compostable toilets and serious efforts in water conservation are only a few of the amazing efforts that Envision puts forth, and this is one very good example of why Envision is a festival of the future.

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While music was a powerful and entertaining facet of the 4 day event, the whole Envision experience is what many festival attendees crave. The travel to Costa Rica, acclimating to the humid weather, a Random Rab sunrise set with monkeys playing in the trees, and lighting paper lanterns on the beach shore on the last sunset is only a taste of what someone can experience on their Envision journey. Envision is filled with first experiences for everyone; colones in your hand instead of dollars, sliding down bamboo slides built into the trees, walking down a jungle path filled with merchants selling fresh fruits and homemade goods, Envision has it all. Another quality that sets Envision apart from others festivals is just how incredibly interactive it is. With tons of workshops and discussions held during the day, and numerous structures placed around the grounds that people can lounge and play on, one of my favorite structures was a trampoline suspended into the trees that both children and adults were welcome to climb up into and enjoy.

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Musical acts that really struck a chord during my time at Envision were Porkchop of Desert Hearts, The Funk Hunters, Perkulat0r, Ott., The Polish Ambassador, and Phaeleh. Envision housed the Luna stage, Sol stage, Lotus stage, and Village stage, but the Luna stage seemed to be a majority favorite which is absolutely no surprise. Live muralists and painters like Amanda Sage surrounded the Luna stage, production was awe-inspiring, and some of the best live performers graced the stage showing off their mad dancing, hooping, aerial, fire, and comedic skills.

Hearts were beating and feet were stomping as Porkchop jammed out some house tunes on the Lotus stage, and the DH crew members danced both behind him and in the crowd. The Funk Hunters obviously brought the funk with their high-energy set, and these Canadians don’t mess around when it comes to hitting the crowd with heavy basslines and soul. Perkulat0r, a new face in the electronic music scene, quenched the thirst for beats and bass from the future and had me glitch-giggin’ like no tomorrow; the Canadians killed it in Central America.

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Ott., a legend himself, hit the stage with hypnotic and psychedelic tunes that took listeners to sound church. With hoopers dancing alongside him, the experience was like a dreamy trance that no one would want to wake up from. The Polish Ambassador was a true spokesman for Envision. Leading multiple permaculture action days under the sun and bringing his unique, all-are-onesie vibe to the festival at night, he got the crowd roaring with sparkles and smiles. Phaeleh brought beautiful sounds to the Luna stage that had many engaged in a serious shwirl session. Melodic and soothing, Phaeleh transports listeners into a euphoric soundscape that can both lull you to sleep or wake you up dancing.

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Envision is a moving, magical paradise that helps facilitate personal growth and creates a visceral experience for its participants. Sherbet sunsets, neon-colored birds and insects, ocean water that is reminiscent of a warm bath, dancing into the sunrise, and making connections with strangers, lovers, friends, locals, and artists is only a few of the infinite experiences that await future travelers to Costa Rica. Envision is not just a festival, but a life-changing experience that can be held in your heart forever, and can bring countless smiles to your face as you remember each tender moment.

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