Tune Tuesday: Sharkmuffin, Gigi Rowe, Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm

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Get the day off to a rockin’ start with a few righteous tunes that will greatly improve your mood.

Lauren Hoffman and the Secret Storm — “Broken”

Having a knack for forming friendships and relationships with those who are damaged emotionally and physically, “Broken” tugs at my heartstrings. Lauren Hoffman brought on Tony Lechmanski, Cathy Monnes, Jeff Diehm, Ethan Lipscomb, and Kevin Ardrey to form the Secret Storm. Layered with the ensemble’s artistry, the song is like pulling the veil back and revealing innermost thoughts. As for the recently released music video, it features a vintage-clad Hoffman standing in a shroud of fog, looking on as a couple box with both partners occasionally pushing the limits.

Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm’s Family Ghost is out now!

Gigi Rowe — “Run the Night” (Pancho Remix)

After a masterful debut EP, Miami-based Gigi Rowe gave the world a fresh taste of dance-pop. As an avid listener of pop music, Rowe impressed. As “Run the Night” made its appearance on Just Dance 2017, Rowe found attention from various magazines. As the year is still beginning, revisiting to certain tracks is always welcome — and we welcome Bulgarian artist, Pancho. Transforming the track from a slice of synthpop, Pancho re-introduced the song as a house mix that will have everyone’s day filled with sunshine kisses.

Run the Night (The Remixes) is out now!

Sharkmuffin — “Space Glow”

Two years after releasing their debut, Tarra Thiessen and Natalie Kirch — better known as Sharkmuffin — have prepared their sophomore album, Tsuki, to be a fortuitous release. As for this latest mention, the trio turned duo explained “Space Glow” is about “a brilliant artist with PTSD and synesthesia whose best friend happens to be the moon.” The song traverses the bridge from rock to glam, with an interstellar groove. Initially, not based around outer space, Thiessen and Kirch incidentally tracked the titular track during last year’s Lunar New Year cycle.

Tsuki is released 5 May 2017. Catch Sharkmuffin at SXSW this year!

3/15 | Wolfshield Ranch | 4:30pm
3/15 | Cigar City Management Showcase | Stay Gold – 7:15pm
3/16 | Little Dickman Records Showcase | Hardluck Lounge – 7:20pm
3/16 | KVRX 91.7FM Showcase | French House Cooperative
3/18 | Little Dickman Records Showcase | Dozen Street – 2:40pm
3/19 | Little Dickman Records Showcase | Tiny T Ranch – 12pm
3/19 | KVRX 91.7FM Showcase | Spider House

#DiscoAndie by Boniae Twitter @cooljalebis

#DiscoAndie by Boniae. Twitter @cooljalebis


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