Understanding the Vibes at BUKU Music + Art Project

BUKU Music + Art Project is one of the most unique festivals in the country. This year’s lineup is as diverse as always with the likes of Lana Del Rey, Excision, A$AP Rocky, Dog Blood (Skrillex & Boys Noize), Kevin Gates, RL Grime, GRiZ, Louis the Child, Claude VonStroke, Dashboard Confessional, and more. This year’s festival falls on Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23 at Mardi Gras World. This 2-day event always leaves us begging for more. However, there is something about the vibes at BUKU that stand out from other city festivals. It could be the lineup, the location, or the fact that it only last 2 days instead of 3. Whatever it might be, we love it.

The lineup at BUKU is always a bit confusing. Is it a hip-hop festival? Is it an electronic festival? Is it an indie festival? We love that BUKU doesn’t give a crap what we label it, the festival has something for everyone. This year’s lineup is one of the more colorful ones we’ve seen so far, with both heavy bass influences, a dash of old school emo, and of course the biggest names in modern hip-hop. Check out the full lineup at the bottom of the page to see the extensive list of artists hitting the stage.

Mardi Gras World is likely one of the oddest places to hold a music festival. Although, at the same time it makes perfect sense. Mardi Gras World is a famous warehouse where the floats are stored for the huge annual Mardi Gras celebration. This year’s celebration falls on March 5th, and always falls before BUKU, but the city remains alive with Spring Breakers and others looking for a peek of warmer weather and fun. Holding a festival where the Mardi Gras floats are stored proves how much the city is willing to open its heart to those passing through. The people at BUKU do a flawless job of protecting the floats and using them as a backdrop. It reminds each in attendance where they are and what they’re in for.

There is a resilience in the heart of New Orleans that we’ve witnessed for decades. The chaos of the city at times can be overwhelming, but the beauty that surrounds it gives a feeling of warmth and home. These are the vibes of BUKU Music + Art Project; chaotic yet beautiful, vulnerable yet resilient. The art of the festival comes to its patrons live and in the flesh, whether it be through music, dance, painting, sculpture, or even food. The festival brings the best out of everyone involved as long as they let that beauty shine through. Because the festival only lasts 2 days, it seems everyone in attendance is willing to come early and stay late. Plus, for those traveling and spending the weekend in New Orleans, that leaves Sunday open to exploring the city!

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Ashley Cizek

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