Why Festivals are Good for Introverts

People can classify themselves as many things, but a common categorization that people like to subscribe to is whether they are an “introvert” or an “extrovert.” Personally, I would call myself an introvert. I choose my social interactions carefully and after extended periods of time around large groups of people, I feel the need to collect myself and go into hermit mode for a while.

On the surface, someone might believe that festivals are not the best or most ideal place for introverts because of assumptions that introverts are shy people. Music festivals do more than just bring people together. They help you come out of your shell and grow into the person that you never thought you could be. Here’s a few reasons why music festivals are great for introverts:

  1. While you are surrounded by hundreds or thousands of people, there’s still enough space for you to be alone.
    I love all of my friends immensely, but sometimes, I just need to be alone. I often take solitary walks while I am at a festival and can easily find a nice, quiet space to sit, think and people-watch. Whether it is by a river, on an art installation, at a picnic bench, or even walking from stage to stage, festivals are definitely filled with ample space to be alone and we all know that alone time is something that is a necessity for an introvert.
  2. There are so many ways to spend your time that your energy can be equally spread out through many different interactions.
    Most festivals offer lots of different things for their attendees to do. Workshops, lectures, yoga, permaculture activities, and art classes – among countless others – are all activities that I’ve experienced and participated in at festivals. Introverts enjoy lots of creative activities that can be done independently and the best part of experiencing some of these things at festivals is that if you end up not liking the class or workshop you’re in, you can easily find something else to do that you might enjoy more.
  3. Some festivals are also some of the most beautiful places to spend some alone time.
    Envision in Costa Rica, Shambhala in Canada, BPM in Mexico, Rainbow Serpent in Australia, Dominican Holidaze in the Dominican Republic… the list could go on and on. All of these places are incredibly beautiful and picturesque. Nothing is better than stepping back and taking a moment to realize exactly where you are and how incredibly awesome it is. Even if you are traveling to some of these beautiful festivals with a group of friends, it’s always nice to take a moment to yourself and appreciate what you’re experiencing. Take a solo swim, go on a short hike alone or just relax in a hammock. Give yourself the gift of ultimate relaxation by giving yourself some alone time in paradise.
  4. Deep connections are created and solidified within the festival atmosphere.
    Small talk can be often boring and draining. It may be polite to participate in small talk in a social atmosphere, but honestly, no one really enjoys it. At festivals it is ridiculously easy to make friends; good friends. It’s also a great group outing that can bring you and your current friends closer together. There are bound to be ups and downs, but nothing good comes easy. Introverts don’t need handfuls of acquaintances or attention from lots of people, they just need a group of close friends that they can count on. If you can survive and enjoy a festival with someone then you can probably have a great friendship with them as well.

Festivals might not be the obvious summer hangout spot for introverts because most don’t find large groups of people relaxing or comforting, but if you look a little deeper festivals can be the perfect place for introverts, extroverts and anyone in between. The volume of festivals popping up all over the world is astronomical and each offer something a little bit different from the rest. Find what calls to you the most and follow your gut.

Even if you’re uncomfortable at first, festivals are the best place to be uncomfortable. They provide a potent atmosphere of opportunities and growth and it is always special to find a community that you can relate to and feel safe in. Whatever you do, do what feels most comfortable to you and don’t be afraid to wander off alone. Festivals are a “happy place” for many people and they are one of the prime experiences of our generation.


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