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    Writing is profitable if you know how – Toni Kan Onwordi – ...

  2. Nice to see New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte keeps her sash in her office in DC!

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    We have plenty of comments and content from SIPA faculty and students who took part in in Paris — start here:

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    Why did PayPal wait to enter Nigeria?

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    New initiative aims to eradicate child marriage in Latin America

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  7. Amazing to hear!

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    Are powdered meals a low-cost sustainable way to feed & protect the planet?

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    Worldwide,there are 59.5million ppl displaced. Many are women. Our message for :

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    UNDG Guidance Note on Human Rights

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    Tonight we shine a light in support&solidarity for the global Somali community.Join us as we call for

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  12. I spy with my little eye... My name in the acknowledgements! Thank you!

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  13. Amazing time hunting in Bovina, NY!

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    The future of American food assistance is on the line right now. Please RT to tell and : we need you to .

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    MT : Earlier this week our class visited HQ to discuss & !

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  16. Earlier this week our class visited Human Right Watch HQ to discuss & !

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    Teachers should advocate for children's safety, but many in Sierra Leone have abused girl students: v

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    The Saudi elections made history. But women are still far from equal: by Haleh Esfandiari

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    Introducing the future Marketers of the world! Troop 1259 used their cookie earnings to go to Digital Media Camp

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    "Grace & Mr. Jung thank you...for bravely sharing your stories" —. More:

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