Hong Kong’s Zenxienz Spellbinds With ‘Mind Sigh’

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Up-and-coming artists have the opportunity to express themselves in ways that do not have to be determined by rigid genre requirements. In that spirit, IDM producer Zenxienz is dedicated to creating music that exists beyond the scope of the normal human mind. In his latest full length album entitled Mind Sigh, Zenxiez displays the unfiltered creativity of  the independent artist. Inspired by electronic artists like Shlohmo, Flying Lotus, Daedelus, and Nosaj Thing, Zenxiez captures a raw yet spellbinding production style.

Music is a journey of the mind. At least, that’s how Hong Kong-born musician, producer, and songwriter Cameron Williamson, aka Zenxienz, sees it. Growing up on the island of Kaua’i, the tropical landscape fed his developing artistic mind. With influences ranging from dubstep to glitch to garage, Zenxienz pushes the boundaries of jazz, hip-hop, psychedelia, and electronic music by drawing inspiration from unexpected combinations. Cameron’s music has been described as psychedelic rock meets dnb, and everything in between.

Mind Sigh pulsates and throbs through every dynamic track. Thick sonic layering creates the infectiously cacophonous nature of tunes like “Wallace & Grummet,” “Fantasia,” “The Divide,” and “Cold Road.” The album adds depth with the raucous energy of drum and bass-fueled tracks like “Spaceman” and “Return Trip.” Zenxienz proves his ability as a skilled electronic producer with deeply layered songs full of technical decadence and cinematic atmosphere. Mind Sigh is a compelling collection of psychedelically infused electronic tracks that any lover of cutting edge EDM needs to have.

A two-year finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and a Na Hoku Hanohano-nominated songwriter, Cameron has a knack for capturing the experiences that that stem from finding opportunities in the obstacles — light in the dark — and beauty in the soul-wrenching moments that make his instrumentals move you in a unique, introspective way.

Cameron now works to spread awareness and hope for those suffering from mental illness and advocates for a positive shift in the current atmosphere surrounding psychedelics and psychedelic therapy to provide more options to those in need.

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